Tuesday, December 25, 2007

more pictures...

opening presents... Gabby with her stocking.
Grandma with her new temperature gauge.
Presley liked the money I got for presents, me too!!
Dad and Gabby opening presents from Pepper.
Gabby and me taking a galmore shot. (Boy I need to start using the weights I got for Christmas).

Some Christmas pictures

We opened one present last night and we got the same thing a toaster. I told everyone I didn't want a new toaster for Christmas. Now someone has to return one.

Cookies for Santa. He thought they were good, Reese's peanut butter ones.

Monkey bread this morning. And there is still some left. There wouldn't of been if all the girls were here. Okay I have stopped crying now.

Presley under the tree. Boy he needs a hair cut.
more pictures to come...

Friday, December 14, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

I can't believe that it is only 11 more days til Christmas. And the weather here feels like summer. But we are expecting it to get cold again this weekend. We are not complaining about the weather, we are loving it. I just wish it would snow for Christmas Eve and Christmas day and then go back to being in the 70's. It's nice to wish for something. Thought I would post some pictures of the house and of my tree's. I don't have as many as my friend Lori but I do love my feather trees and will either buy or make a 4 foot one for next year. Went to my friends Theresa house yesterday and she has the cutest 4 foot tree. Looks like a feather tree but really isn't. So I would love to have a real one. That's my goal for next year. We bought a real tree this year because the artificial ones are so expensive still. Guess I'll have to wait until after the holiday's to get one.

Don't you love the tree Lori gave me one year. I put all the little snowmen that Gabby's kindergarten teacher made me last year. Wish I had more to put on every branch.

This is what Grandma has been working on for the last 3 weeks. I started it about 3-4 years ago and finally said it has to get done. So mom finished it. It is made will all yo yo's. If you don't know what a yo yo is, it is a piece of fabric cut in a circle and then gathered around the edges and pulled tight and then you have a beatiful circle puff. Then you sew them together. I want to make a coverlet for my bed one day out of all different red fabric. If you ever get the Gooseberry catalog they have one in there that I love. Someday, but not now. Mom is sick of making them now.

And remember the big question of what I bought Gary for his birthday. Look at the picture that hangs over my fireplace. Her name is "Evelyn" and he absolutely loves her. My god the frame cost just as much as the stupid picture. So that is his birthday and Christmas present. It's so stupid having it in my living room. But as long as it makes him happy that's all that counts.

So I wish each and everyone who reads my blog a wonderful holiday. May all your wishes come true.

Friday, November 2, 2007

My socks are finished!!!

Hurray!!! look their finished. Didn't I do a good job. And they fit perfectly. I love them. Now Gabby wants a pair. I had to help the girls in the sock class finish their socks because the teacher got sick and no one else knew how to finish them. It was so much fun. Presely thought my new socks were nice too.

Here's a some pictures of Halloween. Carving the pumpkin the night before. And then Halloween night sitting on the front porch giving out candy. We actually had kids. Gabby didn't do the trick or treating this year but she did dress up as a flapper to give out candy. I wore a big witches hat and sat on the porch and crocheted.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Some cute pictures...

for you. Gary was outside after dinner and called for me to come out and look at the moon. Wow! It was so big and really hadn't come up yet. Gabby said she heard on the news that it was suppose to be the biggest ever. Should light up the sky. The dogs in the neighborhood are already howling.

Here's a picture of Presley laying in the front doorway trying to get some sun. And Theo on the first step watching him. They don't like each other anymore.

No pictures of my sock knitting. They are not finished yet. Tomorrow is my last class so hopefully Sunday I will be finished and ready for a picture.

And Grandma finally got her new bed today after waiting for two months and all the excuses from the company. It looks nice.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Did you know....

that Gabby's obsession is Audrey Hepburn. Here are the pictures in her bedroom that she has collected so far. I can't even tell you how many times she has watched "Breakfast at Tiffany's". I know I haven't even watch it once. Little tibit of info I thought you needed to know.

And wait until you see the painting I bought Gary for his birthday. We haven't gotten it yet but he wants to put it over the fireplace. Can anyone guess what it might be a picture of? There might be a prize for the winning guess. And if my daughters already know don't answer. I will post a picture when it arrives.

That's enough for today, gotta go work on my socks. Damn cows across the street are really mooing right now. Wonder what they moo at? Good night!

Evening walk...

here we are doing our evening walk. Gabby snapped some pictures of our behinds, notice who's is bigger. Guess the walking isn't doing me any good. Gabby making funny faces to the camera.

Me and Gabby before I go to my "Red Hat" gathering. I'm still a pink hatter. It's such a stupid group. They don't do very much. I like my knitting group better.

Bears and socks...

I have been working on. I have got to finish the bears with the pumpkins and get them on ebay before fall is over with.

What do you think about my socks. Not sure who they will fit. The yarn has some antibacterial stuff in it. I have one more inch to finish on this one and have to start the other one before next Friday and get to the same point because we are going to learn how to do the heel next. I'm so excited!

Some pictures of different things...

Haven't written in awhile, sorry. Not much is happening here except great weather. I've been going to the new yarn shop a few times a week for weekly getting together and knit. Plus I am taking a learn to knit socks class which I am loving. Not sure who is going to get my first pair but I think I am doing a damn good job so far. I will post pictures of my progress in another post. But here are some pictures that we have snapped in the past few weeks.

New truck Gary brought back from Florida. I need a ladder to get into the stupid thing. We aren't keeping it though, cause it's a stick and I can't drive it. Just until he finds something else. It's a pain not having to vehicles, I had to depend on him dropping off at the knitting place, which is a pain, and I can't have that. Need to be independent.
Next picture is of the last full moon. It was so beautiful. It light up my whole bathroom for two nights. It was great.
More pictures in the next few entries. Grandma's calling "dinner".

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

have you missed me?????

Probably not. I know I haven't written anything in my blog lately. Nothing really has been happening here, except the weather last week was gorgeous. We had the windows open. It was great, but now the windows are closed again and the air conditioning on. I want fall weather here!!!! I put my pumpking flag out today hoping for cooler weather.

Went to Heather's and Bill's this pasted weekend. It was the only time I could get away without Gabby losing anytime from school. She had Monday off so we left Friday afternoon. Grandma, Gabby and me. We had a great time there. Heather and Bill live on the base, Seymour Johnson Air force Base that is. Here are a few pictures of when we where there. We didn't get any pictures of the plane that Bill is learning to fly, which is a F-15 (I think there is suppose to be another letter after the 15 but I'm not sure). It is pretty cool there. Didn't get to see any men in uniforms because it was the weekend and I guess they go away for two days. Darn. They have a cute house and have fixed it up real nice. They were great host and hostess. Boy if they get shipped to England, I don't know what I am going to do. I guess go visit them, which will be a chance of a life time I know, but then I have to fly, yuck. Better start saving now for that trip. The pictures are of Bill and Heather in the morning, not wanting their picture taken. Grandma doing dishes, of course. Gabby and Heather on the swing thing, Gabby said she was never on one of these before. Bill and Heather again with Bill watching football and not looking at the camera. And then there is William my mascot bear that goes on all my long trips with me, he's like my guardian bear.

Still not working, but there have been two kindergarten assistant positions that have come up in the last two days. One is from the school I applied to back in June. I hope they consider me for that one because it is only two minutes from my house as the other one is 25 minutes. Will let you know what happens. I have enjoyed staying home doing nothing, but it is time to get back to reality.

Does anybody know if rabbits eat parsley. I had all my herbs on the deck and my parsley was getting really big. We had been using it all summer. I came home and every single sprig was gone. All that was left was the stems. I can't figure out how the rabbit would of got into the yard since it is fenced. I know we have one living under Grandma's bedroom window, but how did it get into the yard and get on the deck. Please help me figure this out.

They gonna start building a house across the street soon. A big bulldozer is there and they just put up an electrical box. There goes our view of the pond. Hope it is a small house.

Gotta go check my garlic in the oven that I am roasting. Will write more later.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The cows are coming..

the cows are coming. No not really, but Saturday before Gary went to the airport he went outside and there were about 40 cows that got out of the pasture across the street. It was too funny seeing cows in everyone's front lawns. I tried to take some pictures but the batteries were dead in the camera. And then Grandma opened the front door and scared them away. Plus there were two lab's that I think were with them because they were in our yard too. That's who got in the picture instead of the cows. But you can see the cows leaving and going back across the street. Our little dog's went nuts when the saw them. Life in the "green acreas" is fun, never know what you will see in your yard.

Oh, can you believe "Big Brother". It is getting so good. I hope Zach and Jamakia are the final two. It would serve Evil Dick and his evil daughter right for being so mean to everyone. Who would get the last laugh then.

Not too much is happening here. Gary went down to Florida for the week to take care of the business. So far that is still running okay. Still looking for a job. Not really sure what I want to do. Kinda would like to be behind the scene and not have to work with the public. Maybe in a cubicle doing computer input or something. But what, I'm really not trained for anything. See this is when you start thinking that you maybe should of gone to college and got some sort of degree. I was too busy having my beautiful daughters to even care about the rest of my life. Oh well something will come up, just gotta stay positive. How do those people get those jobs working from home. I want to be one of them, haha.

Back to watching the "View" and making a bear.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Look what we just got...

a new shed for all my gardening stuff. This is the location I will be planting my garden next season. The double doors on the side are where the lawn mower will enter. And the little door up front is where I can walk out into my garden. I'm so excited, I can hardly wait until next spring. Now all we have to get is the fencing to put around it. I want that cute white pvc fencing with an arch at the front. It's gonna be so cool. Gary's gonna run water and electric out to it. He's already talking about putting a wall up inside and cutting my space in half so he can have a wood shop. For what he doesn't do woodwork. He's just trying to evade my space. First I got "again" kick out of my sewing room, giving it to mom. Which is okay, I have a bigger space upstairs. But they don't leave me alone. This morning I was making cards on my table listening to my ipod, singing away to the soundtrack of "Hairspray" (OMG if you haven't seen this movie you have to go, it is the funniest, and I love the music, and John Travolta) anyway I'm singing away and Gabby somes in and say "stop singing already". Now I need walls up here because I have no privacy. None! One more thing about the "Hairspray" soundtrack, when Gabby and I have gone on our walks the last two times people could of saw us dancing in the street because we had our ipods listening to the same songs from it. Too funny....just wish I could dance.

Is it any cooler anyway? Not here yet. We went for our walk this morning trying to beat the evening heat. We did have rain last night which was good. You can actually see the grass turn a little green this morning. Like it's saying "thanks for the rain". Now all we need is some cooler weather. See we move up here and this is the hottest summer they have ever had. Now you watch, this winter will be the coldest they ever have. I'm okay as long as it snows. We shall see...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Gabby's first day of 8th grade!

Well I dropped Gabby off at school this morning at 7:45. And won't pick her up until 3:30. That's such a long day. Now I am home with Gary and mom. Yippee for me! I have washed the van, watered the plants, folded clothes, talk to the State of Florida to get my $300 reinstating fee back for licenses, done all kinds of searching on the internet, talk to daughter, Heather and now I am bored. Too hot still to do anymore outside. It is pretty winding out but no rain in sight. Not one drop. So I guess I will go watch some tv and make another bear to sell. Did you see the one I have on ebay right now. Somebody actually bid on it, hurray! check it out, it ends today.

Don't forget "Big Brother" tonight. It's getting better. Little Danielle is evil just like her father. Oh and who has HBO and watches "Big Love". Heather told me to watch it. I only watched this season and it is addicting. I guess it won't be on anymore after this season. Too bad cause I really like it. Gonna have to go see if they have the first two seasons on video to rent.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

What goes up must come down...

I guess that is what they say. Well I got woken up again Saturday with Gary saying "come see the hot air balloon". Well that is not new, we have already seen it a couple of times over the house. But this time it landed in the back field. I guess something was wrong with it, because once it landed two vehicles with a trailer were there to pick it up. They torn it down and went on their way. Pretty interesting to see. They are suppose to have some event with the balloons for Labor Day here so we might volunteer to help. Should be fun.

So I get this call from my friend "Barb" from Florida. Her and all the ladies are going to lunch now at "Mug and Jugs". She called to just tell me what was missing..."ME". No kidding! This has been the only time I wish I was back in Florida. Their all getting ready to start the new school year, and without ME. It sucks!! God I miss them so much, they were the best people to work with. And talk about the friendships, well I can't because I will start crying again. Thanks alot for calling Barb. I love ya and miss you terribly. Don't have too much fun without me and don't forget to email me with all the new gossip!

Well for all you who know about our driver license drama, hopefully it will be resolved today. We shall see. Got intouch with both insurance companies, up here and down there, and hopefully they can get it fixed for us. I feel so bad for the people I talk to on the phone this morning, they must of thought I was a nut case crying in their ear. I have to be going thru menopause because my emotions have been terrible lately. Ever time I hear Heather and Bill's wedding song I start crying. I need to have another baby or something . Just kidding, lol.

Well Theo dog has still been depressed. No lizards to chase or pool to drop his ball in. So yesterday I decided to make a little pool for him. He was so happy, until puppy didn't want him to have the ball anymore. Puppy is such a brat sometimes. And then Gabby wanted to go swimming. Poor thing is so bored. Glad school is starting next week. Hope that will work out good for her.

Don't forget to watch "Big Brother" tonight. I hope Dustin doesn't get kick out. I hate that "Evil Dick". What a jerk, hope it is all an act. I can't imagine anyone acting like that in real life.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


It is so hot outside this past week. I guess it is everywhere. Too hot to go outside and do anything, and Gary is driving us crazy. He ususally stays outside and works but this past week he hasn't been because of the heat. He went out this morning at 7:30 and only stayed out for a half hour. What's with that. Gabby thinks he has "ocd", whatever that is.
Anyway not to much happening here. Waiting for school to start for Gabby. She has to go in and take a test to see where they are going to place her this year. Probably in "gifted & talented" which is probably the same as advanced in Florida. So we shall see.
We have all just been watching tv this week and me knitting . I did make a bear, just need to do his face. And then I will put him on ebay and see what happens. I'll post a picture when I'm done with him.
Hope everyone who reads this blogs are doing well in their lives. Oh, I have a "Red Hat" meeting tonight. Not sure if I will continue to go. They just seem to go out and eat dinner and put people on their prayer list. Not my cup of tea if you know what I mean. Plus I am going to miss "Big Brother" tonight. I said yes to going before I realized this. Must be the heat getting to me.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Big Brother is fixed I say...

at least that is what I think. If you are watching it, don't you think that Big Brother is making all the decisions. The people you think are leaving are staying. I do have to say that I love Jen now. She didn't even react when Evil poured ice tea on her head. She was so calm. And what is with that Amber. That girl needs to go, her crying is so annoying to me. Can you imagine having her as a friend. She'd stab you right in the back one minute and tell you as you are leaving "I love you so much". I do think that Evil needs to leave next too, he is so cruel, no wonder Danielle doesn't have a relationship with him. Well here is my daughters, Peppers, view on the show. Check out her blog: http://ptigger86.blogspot.com/
It will be interesting to see who is on the panel to vote who wins. I want to be on that show. They should have it for older people like me. Well stay tuned to see who wins. Who do you think will make head of household this week. I say Jen.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

And more...

These are all the cute animals they had in the petting area. We didn't see the cows that I eat for lunch though. Pepper thought that was gross me eating the beef they raised. The picture of the Range Rover and Gabby. She seems to think when she turns 16 she is getting one. My child lives in a fantasy world.