Saturday, October 13, 2007

Some pictures of different things...

Haven't written in awhile, sorry. Not much is happening here except great weather. I've been going to the new yarn shop a few times a week for weekly getting together and knit. Plus I am taking a learn to knit socks class which I am loving. Not sure who is going to get my first pair but I think I am doing a damn good job so far. I will post pictures of my progress in another post. But here are some pictures that we have snapped in the past few weeks.

New truck Gary brought back from Florida. I need a ladder to get into the stupid thing. We aren't keeping it though, cause it's a stick and I can't drive it. Just until he finds something else. It's a pain not having to vehicles, I had to depend on him dropping off at the knitting place, which is a pain, and I can't have that. Need to be independent.
Next picture is of the last full moon. It was so beautiful. It light up my whole bathroom for two nights. It was great.
More pictures in the next few entries. Grandma's calling "dinner".

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