Thursday, February 14, 2008


Look what I got for Valentine's Day. It's a beautiful heart shaped ring with diamonds. I was a little shocked. I was hoping for resistant bands to work out with. I have the best sweetie. I can't believe that this will be our 30th Valentine's Day we have been together. It was 30th years yesterday that I have been living with Gary. We will be married 28 years this May 18th. Wow how time flys. But my poor sweetie is sick with a terrible cold, so I won't be able to give him his present. haha!!! My daughter's are probably going "eewww, mom and dad, yuck".

The flowers are a little rose plant that my sister sent my mom. Their so pretty.

Not much happing here. Have been trying to get my garden beds going, until Gary got sick this week. Plus today it is freezing out there. I actually had ice on my windshield this morning. I'll post a picture of that later when I am done with it. I have already order all my seeds. I can't wait to plant them.

Next week my son-in-law, Capt. Bill (that is still so weird to say or write) is graduating from learning to fly the F-15 Eagle. We are going to the airforce base in North Carolina,Thursday, to celebrate with them. It should be pretty exciting. Probably a lot of crying will be going on. Then they are off to Idaho, boohoo, so far away.

Until next time, I hope cupid shoots you all with a loving arrow.