Friday, December 14, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

I can't believe that it is only 11 more days til Christmas. And the weather here feels like summer. But we are expecting it to get cold again this weekend. We are not complaining about the weather, we are loving it. I just wish it would snow for Christmas Eve and Christmas day and then go back to being in the 70's. It's nice to wish for something. Thought I would post some pictures of the house and of my tree's. I don't have as many as my friend Lori but I do love my feather trees and will either buy or make a 4 foot one for next year. Went to my friends Theresa house yesterday and she has the cutest 4 foot tree. Looks like a feather tree but really isn't. So I would love to have a real one. That's my goal for next year. We bought a real tree this year because the artificial ones are so expensive still. Guess I'll have to wait until after the holiday's to get one.

Don't you love the tree Lori gave me one year. I put all the little snowmen that Gabby's kindergarten teacher made me last year. Wish I had more to put on every branch.

This is what Grandma has been working on for the last 3 weeks. I started it about 3-4 years ago and finally said it has to get done. So mom finished it. It is made will all yo yo's. If you don't know what a yo yo is, it is a piece of fabric cut in a circle and then gathered around the edges and pulled tight and then you have a beatiful circle puff. Then you sew them together. I want to make a coverlet for my bed one day out of all different red fabric. If you ever get the Gooseberry catalog they have one in there that I love. Someday, but not now. Mom is sick of making them now.

And remember the big question of what I bought Gary for his birthday. Look at the picture that hangs over my fireplace. Her name is "Evelyn" and he absolutely loves her. My god the frame cost just as much as the stupid picture. So that is his birthday and Christmas present. It's so stupid having it in my living room. But as long as it makes him happy that's all that counts.

So I wish each and everyone who reads my blog a wonderful holiday. May all your wishes come true.


Patricia said...

I like your tree!! too cute. Gabby did a good job.

Oh and you thing that you made with the puffs is cute, but where are you suppose to put it? on the table or hang it somewhere?

11 days til Christmas, oh my!!

I will wish for snow for you.

Diane said...

Are you getting a player piano to go with the picture