Friday, February 19, 2010

Half eaten...

that's what Gabby did to her Valentine candy. I guess cupid got the wrong kind. It was pretty funny watching her taste each one and seeing the expression on her face after the first bite. Needless to say they ended up in the garbage since both Grandma and I gave up sugar for Lent, boy was that dumb. I'm not gonna make it. I'm such a bad Catholic.

Monday, February 8, 2010

knitting books for sale

I am being over come by my knitting books. There is no sense in me keeping them if I won't use them and they are taking up too much room. So here is a list of the books that I have for sale. All are half off the orginal price that I paid for them and in excellent condition. And I will send them media mail to keep the shipping down for you.

Sock books:

Toe-up Techniques for Hand-Knit Socks (by Janet Rehfeldt) - $8.00

Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles (by Cat Bordhi) - $8.00 plus shipping

Getting Started Knitting Socks (by Ann Budd) $9.00 plus shipping

Simple Socks Plain and Fancy (by Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts) - $8.00 plus shipping

2-at-a-time Socks (Melissa Morgan-Oakes) - $9.00 plus shipping

Knitted Socks (Anna Tillman) - $12.00 plus shipping

Other books:

Bags - a Knitter's dozen - $8.00 plus shipping

Scarf Style (by Pam Allen) - $10.00 plus shipping

Closly Knit (by Hannah Fettig) - $11.00 plus shipping

Crocheted Pursenalities (by Eva Wiechmann) - $10.00 plus shipping

Silk Knits (by Elaine Eskesen) - $12.00 plus shipping

Knitted Flowers (by Nicky Epstein's) - $10.00 plus shipping

I do take Paypal or personal checks. Or if you live near me I can meet you at one of our knitting meets.