Sunday, March 9, 2008

New members of our family...

Meet "Razor and Ribby". Heather and Bill's new puppies. Aren't they cute? They are Lab-a-doodles. And they are brother and sister, can you believe that. They are on their way to their new home in Idaho. They stopped Friday for the night to say good-bye. Now they are on the long trip across the country to their new home for three years or so.(boohoo, now I have to get on a stupid plane to go see them) Heather and Bill actually bought them from a breeder in Idaho and had them shipped to NC before they left because they won't be getting to Idaho until the middle of March and they didn't want to wait until then to get their new puppies. Makes me want another dog since I can't get any grandbabies yet.

Well my garden has b
een started. Look at all the little plants that are starting to grow.
I have them sitting in a sunny window upstairs in my sewing room. I think I put too many seeds in one planting pod so I have to separate them but I'm not too sure when to do that since I am new to this gardening thing. We still have to get the fencing for the garden and then as soon as the last frost comes I should be planting outside. I can't wait. Even had Grandma out there last Sunday with a shovel. She loved it. (I have a picture of her there but it's on Gabby's camera so I'll post it later).
We are just sitting around today. It's very cold out today, in the 20's. But at least the wind died down. Yesterday it was like a hurricane out there. Gabby is resting today. She just got back from her 8th grade field trip to Washington, DC. She didn't get much sleep, but she did have fun.
Well that's all for now, going to go make some dill dip for snacking on. Til later!