Sunday, August 26, 2007

Look what we just got...

a new shed for all my gardening stuff. This is the location I will be planting my garden next season. The double doors on the side are where the lawn mower will enter. And the little door up front is where I can walk out into my garden. I'm so excited, I can hardly wait until next spring. Now all we have to get is the fencing to put around it. I want that cute white pvc fencing with an arch at the front. It's gonna be so cool. Gary's gonna run water and electric out to it. He's already talking about putting a wall up inside and cutting my space in half so he can have a wood shop. For what he doesn't do woodwork. He's just trying to evade my space. First I got "again" kick out of my sewing room, giving it to mom. Which is okay, I have a bigger space upstairs. But they don't leave me alone. This morning I was making cards on my table listening to my ipod, singing away to the soundtrack of "Hairspray" (OMG if you haven't seen this movie you have to go, it is the funniest, and I love the music, and John Travolta) anyway I'm singing away and Gabby somes in and say "stop singing already". Now I need walls up here because I have no privacy. None! One more thing about the "Hairspray" soundtrack, when Gabby and I have gone on our walks the last two times people could of saw us dancing in the street because we had our ipods listening to the same songs from it. Too funny....just wish I could dance.

Is it any cooler anyway? Not here yet. We went for our walk this morning trying to beat the evening heat. We did have rain last night which was good. You can actually see the grass turn a little green this morning. Like it's saying "thanks for the rain". Now all we need is some cooler weather. See we move up here and this is the hottest summer they have ever had. Now you watch, this winter will be the coldest they ever have. I'm okay as long as it snows. We shall see...


Patricia said...

looks like a really nice shed.
have you thought about what you are going to plant in your garden? you should not only try for vegetables, but some pretty flowers.
i wish that i could grow a garden, for some reason i like doing yard work and would probably find a garden enjoyable.
miss you.

Anonymous said...

You can start your seedlings around January especially your tomatoes and string beans. This way you will have an early crop.


hakucho said...

Hi Debbie!
In regards to your question on my blog about the flower power cloth...sorry I don't have any in progress photos (I have only made that one), but I did do the petals with a 16" circular needle. Then when it was too tough to keep going as the center got smaller I switched to the dpn amd finished it off as if it was the top of a hat. It was a little awkward knitting the petals together, but just make sure as you join the petals pull everything up snug. Becka has some great pattern photos on her blog and I'm sure if you contacted her personally (she's very nice - she might be able to help you out better as I have not made many :)

Good luck!
happy knitting :)

Anonymous said...

like tottally dude, hairspray rockkkkss.