Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Gabby's first day of 8th grade!

Well I dropped Gabby off at school this morning at 7:45. And won't pick her up until 3:30. That's such a long day. Now I am home with Gary and mom. Yippee for me! I have washed the van, watered the plants, folded clothes, talk to the State of Florida to get my $300 reinstating fee back for licenses, done all kinds of searching on the internet, talk to daughter, Heather and now I am bored. Too hot still to do anymore outside. It is pretty winding out but no rain in sight. Not one drop. So I guess I will go watch some tv and make another bear to sell. Did you see the one I have on ebay right now. Somebody actually bid on it, hurray! check it out, it ends today.

Don't forget "Big Brother" tonight. It's getting better. Little Danielle is evil just like her father. Oh and who has HBO and watches "Big Love". Heather told me to watch it. I only watched this season and it is addicting. I guess it won't be on anymore after this season. Too bad cause I really like it. Gonna have to go see if they have the first two seasons on video to rent.


Patricia said...

Your bear is soo cute. I'm glad that someone bid on it, hopefully you will get alot of money for it.
I hope that Gabby has a good first day at school.
Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

He is cute but where is Annie.


iseeunow said...

What did Florida do to your licenses? They really screwed my friend Megan when she moved to New Zealand...she lost her Drivers license while in NZ and the only way that NZ was going to let her get a license was if she already had one. So I got her the link to get them to send her a duplicate & turns out they suspended her license because they ddin't renew their tags to their vehicles or turn them in or something crazy...needless to say i think its all a scam for the state to get money.

Cute bear, looks like you are going to get a lot for it too!

Anonymous said...

I am sad and glad someone bid and got Andy... That's one week check at Pinellas County "School Pay. Ha Ha How was Gabby's first day Did she find any new friends to hang out with... I know you will be home soon.. I hear it in your voice and see it in Gabby's smile... Talk to you soon Misses D.B.