Tuesday, July 31, 2007

And more...

These are all the cute animals they had in the petting area. We didn't see the cows that I eat for lunch though. Pepper thought that was gross me eating the beef they raised. The picture of the Range Rover and Gabby. She seems to think when she turns 16 she is getting one. My child lives in a fantasy world.

More pictures..

Remember to click on the picture if you want it to see it bigger. They even had a winery where we got to taste different wines. Can you believe Gary didn't want to taste any. They make the wine there also. Pepper bought two bottles to take home. And the gardens were amazing too.

Empty nest again..

Well my niece and her kids went home yesterday after a long week visit. You forget what it takes to keep a 7 and 10 year old occuppied. But they made it home safe. And today my oldest daughter Pepper went home. It didn't even seem like she was here, it was such a quick visit. And the weather wasn't that great for her. It was like she brought the rain with her.
On Sunday we went to the Biltmore Estate in Ashville, NC. That was so awesome. It is hard to believe that it was built around 1890. It was totally amazing and took all day to see. I would recommend it if you are ever in Ashville. Here are a bunch of pictures that we took. The animals were there also. They grow their own beef for the resturants on the estate. And I had a brisket sandwich for lunch and he was "yummy". Then there were the chickens they raised for the eggs. And they had these Angora goats (you can see them in the pictures) that I would love to own. They were so lovable. The house closes around 5:30 but we think it would be cool to go through it at night. They should re-enact that era in time. Enjoy the pictures. Today is a day of trying to get back to our normal routine. In three weeks Gabby will be starting school, oh my.
I will put more pictures in separate posts since it takes awhile for them to load.

Friday, July 27, 2007

My baby's coming, my baby's coming...

I mean my oldest daughter is coming to visit tomorrow. Hurray!! Even though she is only going to be here for 3 days. We will have to make the most of it. Maybe she will like it so much that she will stay. That's what Gary keeps saying or hoping any way. He has been calling the guest bedroom Pepper's room. He's too funny.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Trying to find something to do...

That is what today was about. There is really nothing in or around Anderson, SC to do. So if you come to visit that is exactly what you are going to do, sit and visit with us. Enjoy the weather, look at some cows and just basically visit. Well when you have visiting a 7 year old and 11 year old that is kind of hard. There is only so much coloring they want to do. So today we tried to find something for them to do. It didn't take all day but it was long enough to tire the adults out. Gary wanted to take them to Lake Hartwell dam, and the State park. The park near the dam was very nice. It had little sections with picnic tables and little grills, swings, geese to bother you and beautiful water and really no one there to bother you. Very piece full. We then walk up to the dam so the kids could see where the water went into. These kids you might be wondering our my nieces kids from Connecticut. I think I told you about them visiting in my previous post. Tina is my moms first Grandchild, she is 35 already, I can't believe it.I feel bad that there is nothing to do here. But at least Grandma is enjoying them.
Here are pictures of our day starting with a big breakfast I served them outside. Double click on the picture if you want to see a close up.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Little patter of little feet.

Well not really. My niece and her two kids came in today from Connecticut to visit. This is the first time for all of us to met her 7 year old daughter, Sierra. Here is a picture of her and Gabby playing the slot machine upstairs in the game room.

Well I went to the quilt shop the other night. I felt a little uncomfortable at first when I went in. I couldn't find the owner who invited me and then when I did everything was fine. I sat with the lady that was doing a demo. Wait til you see these bowls and purses I start making. They are so cool. She was such a hoot too. Very funny instructor. And then the lady who is opening the new yarn store upstairs sat with me. She showed us a lot of the yarns she will be carrying. She had this wonderful red purse/bag that reminded me of Mary Poppins bag. She just kept pulling different yarns out of it. It was a purse you would carry your knitting in. Very stylish. I might have to save for one. It was a little expensive at $89. But very pretty. Then later on I talk with the owner again and she wanted to see my bears. Well all I had with me was a few of the first bears I ever made. All my bears I either sell or give away. I was a little embarrassed to show them. But she is anxious to sit and talk with me about teaching classes. So that was exciting. I guess I better put my knitting of dishcloths down and start making some bears. I hope I remember how.

We are having lasagna for dinner tonight. Hope it is good, I made Sandi Banks (from the school that I worked at) recipe. It was always delicious when she made it for us. I hope I did good. Will let you know.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another did you know...

Did you know that goats can climb trees. Well we saw them yesterday when we stop at this little restaurant. They were across the street. They were so cute and I think they were hungry. We have been wanting to go to this place called "Grits & Groceries" in Sailors Crossing. It is on the way to our friends Eddie's house. This is the place we were considering buying 11 years ago when we first moved up here. But at the time there was a real redneck living across the street that Gary didn't feel too comfortable about leaving me home with the baby alone when he had to go to work. And when we were looking for a house this time it was for sale again. But this time Gary didn't want to because there is really nothing near it. But they are doing a great business there. Who would of thought. Both owners worked for Emeril in New Orleans. I showed the waitress the pictures I had of Gabby when she was a baby inside this building. They gave you a lot of food for the money. It was great.

This is the place to start a business if you have the money. I went to find the local quilt shop yesterday. The lady there is from Deland, FL. Been here three years. When she got here she went to this bead store and asked if there was a quilt shop around. They said "no" and why don't you open one. Then the owner of the bead shop starting taking names of people who wanted to see a quilt shop come to town and then gave it to this lady and so she thought about it and finally opened one. She is the sweetest lady and her name is Debbie too. She invited me to their "girls night" out at the quilt shop tonight, where you bring a covered dish and sew until the wee hours. So I think I am going to go. She was even talking about ordering "mohair" for making bears and that just started us talking more and now she wants to see my bears and maybe have me teach some classes. We shall see. And the best part of this shop is that up stairs another lady is opening a yarn shop. Next week. I am so excited I can't stand it. Well I started writing this post last night before "Big Brother" came one (hurray Joe is off the show, he was a weirdo) and forgot it was still here. I needed Gabby to upload the pictures. Well any way I have got to get into the garage and find a missing metal tin with all my bead stuff. It's driving me crazy not being able to find it. Til later. Oh I keep forgetting to tell you, if you can't see the pictures I put on here that well double click on them and they will get real big so you can see them. I off to hunt for my stuff now.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Did you know...

that they do not serve alcohol at restaurants here in Anderson, SC. I sorta knew, but wasn't sure. Well yesterday we went to Outback for dinner. Grandma has been wanting to go out for dinner so we went early, 4:00, and when the waiter asked Gary what he wanted to drink he say wine and the waiter told him that they didn't serve alcohol on Sunday. Well I wish I had a camera, because the look on Gary's face was funny. They serve it 25 minutes down the road in Greenville I am told. He should of realized when we got a parking space right in front of the restaurant and were sitted right away that something was up. What, people don't go out to eat on Sunday. I guess we won't be going on Sunday's anymore. It made for a funny dinner to say the least.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Miss me!!

Wow, it has been a whole week since I have posted anything here. Nothing really new happening and not really doing anything special. The time just goes by so fast here. Gary and Gabby are going down to Florida Sunday for a few days. Gary has to pick up his last car down there. Grandma and I are going to just hang out here. Probably go into town for dinner a few days. We have been wanting to check out a few resturants.

Oh guess what is happening across the street. They are building another house. It is a "Spec" house as the man told Gary yesterday. When we got here the property was for sale for $37,500. Wow that's a lot for just a lot. It is a little less than an acre. So depending how they put it on the property we could loose our view of the pond and cows. That would be so sad. Now for the next 8 months, or however long it takes to build the house, our quiet neighborhood will be no more until they are done. Anyone want to move up here? I would love to have you for neighborhoods.
Hope everyones 4th was good. We had a cook in, since we haven't bought a gas grill yet. It was nice. And then that night Gabby and I watched the fireworks from our front porch. The neighbors all had different ones.

Did anyone start watching "Big Brother" last night. That's Gabby's and mine favorite summer show. Gary thinks it stupid but he did come into the bedroom two times to see what was happening on it. He just doesn't want to admit he is interested. He said he wanted to spend time with his family. Heck we are with each other all day long. lol.

Well I'll see what else of interest is happening here today and will report back later. Have a great day.

Oh if any of my Cross Bayou friends are reading this, I got locked out of the outlook mail. I don't know if my password expired or not. It makes me very sad I can't see what is happening there. If you know how I can start reading it again please email me at home. Thanks.


Sunday, July 1, 2007

UP, UP and away!!

This morning I was sleeping so well when Gary came running in the house, "Deb, get up and see what's outside." Me thinking this better be good since you woke me out of a sound sleep. Look what I saw. It was right over my porch. They probably thought I was nuts standing there in my pj's. And Grandma standing there waving at them. It was only 7:30 in the morning. I have got to find out where they take off from. I would love to go up in one. It was really cool, you could see the fire that they use ever few minutes and you could hear them talking as they went right over my deck. "Green Acres" is really fun.