Thursday, October 25, 2007

Some cute pictures...

for you. Gary was outside after dinner and called for me to come out and look at the moon. Wow! It was so big and really hadn't come up yet. Gabby said she heard on the news that it was suppose to be the biggest ever. Should light up the sky. The dogs in the neighborhood are already howling.

Here's a picture of Presley laying in the front doorway trying to get some sun. And Theo on the first step watching him. They don't like each other anymore.

No pictures of my sock knitting. They are not finished yet. Tomorrow is my last class so hopefully Sunday I will be finished and ready for a picture.

And Grandma finally got her new bed today after waiting for two months and all the excuses from the company. It looks nice.

1 comment:

Patricia said...

poor theo I feel soo bad for him. You should spoil him with treats and toys!

Oh and where did Grandma get her bedding, looks nice, it all matches.