Tuesday, April 29, 2008


TO ME!!!!!!!!! One more year to 1/2 a century. Boy time goes by when your having time. First birthday away from the girls. They sent me nice present's though, but it still wasn't the same without them. That's the only thing I don't like about your kids growing up. They move out and get on their own. I don't feel that old. My Gabby girl put these signs all over the house. Hope she never moves out. Need someone to take care of me when I get old.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Strawberry shortcake....

is so yummy!!! Grandma, Gabby and I went strawberry picking yesterday. We went early and got three big baskets full. The plants were high enough for Grandma to bend over and pick. She had fun. Gabby, I don't think did because she kept saying there were bugs everywhere. I don't think she will ever be a country girl.

She is trying to look like a glamour girl. She put these pictures on for me because I just got a new laptop and can't figure out how to save them to the computer. And she is such a brat she won't show me now because she is reading and I am bothering her she said.

Here is a picture of Gary's corvette he just picked up from Florida. He isn't keeping it, he's just going to sell it make money on it.

Here is Presley sun bathing. He just loves to go outside and lay there.

I forgot to show you what else I got. It is an AeroGarden for the countertop. We are growing herbs right now. The first picture is when we first got it and then 3 weeks after they started to grow. WOW!! They just grow from the water and light. It is so cool. The only herb that didn't take was the Cilantro. I'll have to call and see if I can get a replacement for it.

Well that's all for now....going back to surfing the web on my new laptop...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Check out this blog for free give away..

Thanks to Kelly and reading her blog I found out about this $50. gift card for William-Sonoma that this blogger


is giving away. Go check it out and register. Hope I win. Not sure what I would buy. Love their gadgets.

Monday, April 14, 2008

It's been so long....

since I have written on my blog. Shame on me, but life just seems to take over and no time for computer.

Spring break has come and gone. Gabby and I drove to Florida (long drive). We visited with Trisha and Tom. And then saw some friends. Was so glad to come back to South Carolina that we now call home. I love it so much here. Then a week after we got back home Gary went to Florida on business. That week was hectic because I worked at the yarn shop the day he left and a few days after. I love working there, wish I could work there everyday. Made this cute crocheted baby dress for display for the yarn shop. It came out so cute. I still have to put the ribbon in and sew the flower on. Then look, I started to make the same dress in miniature for a bear I made.

You have to check out Trisha's blog (http://littlelovethings.blogspot.com/) my oldest daughter's blog. She put some really "old" pictures there of our first Thanksgiving in our house on St. Pete Beach. That was 27 years ago. Wow time flys when you are having fun. And I can not believe that Heather and Bill are going to celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary this month.

That year went really fast. They are now in Idaho dealing with weird weather. Snow one day then in the 70-80's the next. That's worst then Florida's weather ever was. My Florida girl is probably freezing her butt off. They're so cute together. Now if they would only give me a grandchild, I'd be a happy little camper.

I've been busy learning to knit socks with the magic loop technique and from the toe up. Look how much I have done. Then look at what I bought online. It's a keychain that holds a miniature sock. I got them from www.knitcellaneous.com, I can't wait to make a mini sock for it.

More to come......