Monday, May 24, 2010

March, April & May......

Moved the garden fence and painted it....Gary worked on it for the whole month of March and part of April. But it looks beautiufl now all painted and right off of my garden shed.

The beginning of April we went to Florida to have Patricia's baby shower. That was the 10th of April.

Then April 28th at one o'clock in the morning we get a call from Tom that Patricia's water broke and they are on their way to the hospital. Baby was breach, so a C-section was done and at 6:44 am, little Hannah Grace was born.

And I have to say that she is the most beautiful baby ever. Has a full head of hair and loves to snuggle. I just love this picture of her and her daddy. She looks so content just laying on his chest.

It's really weird being a's so unreal. Now we are waiting for our second grandbaby to come to Bill and Heather. Due the end of July.

Now we wait for that exciting day.