Thursday, August 16, 2007

What goes up must come down...

I guess that is what they say. Well I got woken up again Saturday with Gary saying "come see the hot air balloon". Well that is not new, we have already seen it a couple of times over the house. But this time it landed in the back field. I guess something was wrong with it, because once it landed two vehicles with a trailer were there to pick it up. They torn it down and went on their way. Pretty interesting to see. They are suppose to have some event with the balloons for Labor Day here so we might volunteer to help. Should be fun.

So I get this call from my friend "Barb" from Florida. Her and all the ladies are going to lunch now at "Mug and Jugs". She called to just tell me what was missing..."ME". No kidding! This has been the only time I wish I was back in Florida. Their all getting ready to start the new school year, and without ME. It sucks!! God I miss them so much, they were the best people to work with. And talk about the friendships, well I can't because I will start crying again. Thanks alot for calling Barb. I love ya and miss you terribly. Don't have too much fun without me and don't forget to email me with all the new gossip!

Well for all you who know about our driver license drama, hopefully it will be resolved today. We shall see. Got intouch with both insurance companies, up here and down there, and hopefully they can get it fixed for us. I feel so bad for the people I talk to on the phone this morning, they must of thought I was a nut case crying in their ear. I have to be going thru menopause because my emotions have been terrible lately. Ever time I hear Heather and Bill's wedding song I start crying. I need to have another baby or something . Just kidding, lol.

Well Theo dog has still been depressed. No lizards to chase or pool to drop his ball in. So yesterday I decided to make a little pool for him. He was so happy, until puppy didn't want him to have the ball anymore. Puppy is such a brat sometimes. And then Gabby wanted to go swimming. Poor thing is so bored. Glad school is starting next week. Hope that will work out good for her.

Don't forget to watch "Big Brother" tonight. I hope Dustin doesn't get kick out. I hate that "Evil Dick". What a jerk, hope it is all an act. I can't imagine anyone acting like that in real life.


Anonymous said...

First of all if you volunteer, make sure you get some good pictures. Second, you don't need another baby you need to get something to occupy yourself. Staying the house can be depressing in itself.

As far as BB, I like Evil Dick makes the house interesting. Glad Dustin is gone. Now they need to work on getting Tameka out.

Things will work out concerning your licenses.



Patricia said...

who is me? heather or aunt diane? i dont know.
anyways, don't worry about the emotions I have been horrible this week too. I guess some weeks are better then others.
Poor theo. Maybe you should get the big dog that you and dad said you were going to get (Gerdy??).

I miss all of my friends from Clearwater too. Its hard to start a new job and have to work your way into new friendships. Plus new people never compare to the friends that you had before.

Oh and you have to see about getting a ride in one of those balloons.

iseeunow said...

Those balloons are the coolest, you should take pictures everytime they pass by, they look so peaceful!

Your yard looks soo big & open, unlike down guys should get Gabby a POOL! yea! haha, looks like you have room for it. Maybe you could take up gardening to occupy your time, plant some of those raspberry bushes in your yard & other things so that you can cook & bake with them. Patricia gets her suzy homemaker qualities from you, if I was only so lucky my mother would have been like you & I'd know what the heck to do in the kitchen! Instad, I'm a "outta the box" girl, aaahkk, pooey! haha

Well love seeing your blog as usual! Now you should start putting some of your things you are making on your blog. I found several stamping up blogs and below is two I think you would like, CUPCAKES! YUMMY!

And whenever I get around to it, I am planning on making these:

Lori V said...

Hi Deb,
Just stopped by to say hi and see how things were in Green Acres. It's hot here to. We're supposed to head to TN in 2 weeks just to get away for the weekend. Are you still sewing? I'm working on bears like crazy, now I just have to get them on my website.
I missed it, did you get the school job? I bet Gabby is looking forward to school.
Take care
mini bear hugs, lori

Anonymous said...

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