Friday, November 2, 2007

My socks are finished!!!

Hurray!!! look their finished. Didn't I do a good job. And they fit perfectly. I love them. Now Gabby wants a pair. I had to help the girls in the sock class finish their socks because the teacher got sick and no one else knew how to finish them. It was so much fun. Presely thought my new socks were nice too.

Here's a some pictures of Halloween. Carving the pumpkin the night before. And then Halloween night sitting on the front porch giving out candy. We actually had kids. Gabby didn't do the trick or treating this year but she did dress up as a flapper to give out candy. I wore a big witches hat and sat on the porch and crocheted.


Beth said...

They are too cute!! When are you taking orders? You guys looked cute for halloween! Looks like the weather is cool. We cooled down a little here. Talk to you soon!

joanne gilch said...

Great job on the socks. Now you can make Gabby a pair, then your Mom, then Gary, then.......ME

Patricia said...

I love your socks. too cute.

Can't wait for Thanksgiving. Should be fun.

see you soon.

hakucho said...

Your socks came out great...I've heard that sock knitting is very addictive so watch out!

happy knitting :)