Friday, August 3, 2007

Big Brother is fixed I say...

at least that is what I think. If you are watching it, don't you think that Big Brother is making all the decisions. The people you think are leaving are staying. I do have to say that I love Jen now. She didn't even react when Evil poured ice tea on her head. She was so calm. And what is with that Amber. That girl needs to go, her crying is so annoying to me. Can you imagine having her as a friend. She'd stab you right in the back one minute and tell you as you are leaving "I love you so much". I do think that Evil needs to leave next too, he is so cruel, no wonder Danielle doesn't have a relationship with him. Well here is my daughters, Peppers, view on the show. Check out her blog:
It will be interesting to see who is on the panel to vote who wins. I want to be on that show. They should have it for older people like me. Well stay tuned to see who wins. Who do you think will make head of household this week. I say Jen.


Anonymous said...

I never did like this show, but since Becky watches it I am hooked. I think Amber should go home. That has to be an act with her. Kail is just a pawn. As for Jen, I could not stand her from day one when she was upset with her picture. You are forgeting that America has more of a say this year .


Patricia said...

ahhh! you want evil dick to go home. ha! i like him cause he is up front and honest. not like Amber who completely lies to your face, and hello Kail needs to go home too. She already is rich.
If the show is fixed then I want them to bring back Nick! Hopefully there will be another twist cause its kind of boring. I mean its the same thing really. HOH competetion, then nominations then veto then someone goes home. I wish that they would show more of what goes on during the week.
Where is Survivor!!???

iseeunow said...

Dick has to stay, without him the show would be boring. Amber cries all the time & is annoying. Jen has issues & thinks shes hot stuff(shes not!). And the only love triangle in the house is gone. You must have Showtime too & watch the 3 hour feed. Good stuff.

Patricia said...

Did you love the banner? that was sooo funny!!
I hope that eric goes home, I can't stand his eyebrow twitch anymore. Plus he thinks that all the girls are going to like him now that Nick is out of the house.