Monday, September 10, 2007

The cows are coming..

the cows are coming. No not really, but Saturday before Gary went to the airport he went outside and there were about 40 cows that got out of the pasture across the street. It was too funny seeing cows in everyone's front lawns. I tried to take some pictures but the batteries were dead in the camera. And then Grandma opened the front door and scared them away. Plus there were two lab's that I think were with them because they were in our yard too. That's who got in the picture instead of the cows. But you can see the cows leaving and going back across the street. Our little dog's went nuts when the saw them. Life in the "green acreas" is fun, never know what you will see in your yard.

Oh, can you believe "Big Brother". It is getting so good. I hope Zach and Jamakia are the final two. It would serve Evil Dick and his evil daughter right for being so mean to everyone. Who would get the last laugh then.

Not too much is happening here. Gary went down to Florida for the week to take care of the business. So far that is still running okay. Still looking for a job. Not really sure what I want to do. Kinda would like to be behind the scene and not have to work with the public. Maybe in a cubicle doing computer input or something. But what, I'm really not trained for anything. See this is when you start thinking that you maybe should of gone to college and got some sort of degree. I was too busy having my beautiful daughters to even care about the rest of my life. Oh well something will come up, just gotta stay positive. How do those people get those jobs working from home. I want to be one of them, haha.

Back to watching the "View" and making a bear.


Anonymous said...

you wanted to live in 'GREEN ACRES'
be careful with those work from home jobs some are scams. Jameka is going to win 'BIG BROTHER"


Patricia said...

you guys are nuts! when dick or danielle win the pov tomorrow they will win the game. i dont like zach or jameka, i wanted jessica or eric to win. even though dick is mean he still had strategy and played the game.

oh and don't worry mom, i went to college and still don't know what i want to do.
maybe you could get a job at clemson? that would be cool.
oh and office jobs are soo boring. im surrounded by brown panel walls, how 1970 is that? its like worse then a prison. ha!
oh well im sure that you will find something. or just make dad pay all the bills and go shopping everyday. i would love that!

beth said...

What a great picture! You should of went out and tried to heard them. The dog is cute. I can't believe I started watching Big Brother. I hope Jameka wins, the others are weirdo's. At least cry baby Amber is out.