Wednesday, September 26, 2007

have you missed me?????

Probably not. I know I haven't written anything in my blog lately. Nothing really has been happening here, except the weather last week was gorgeous. We had the windows open. It was great, but now the windows are closed again and the air conditioning on. I want fall weather here!!!! I put my pumpking flag out today hoping for cooler weather.

Went to Heather's and Bill's this pasted weekend. It was the only time I could get away without Gabby losing anytime from school. She had Monday off so we left Friday afternoon. Grandma, Gabby and me. We had a great time there. Heather and Bill live on the base, Seymour Johnson Air force Base that is. Here are a few pictures of when we where there. We didn't get any pictures of the plane that Bill is learning to fly, which is a F-15 (I think there is suppose to be another letter after the 15 but I'm not sure). It is pretty cool there. Didn't get to see any men in uniforms because it was the weekend and I guess they go away for two days. Darn. They have a cute house and have fixed it up real nice. They were great host and hostess. Boy if they get shipped to England, I don't know what I am going to do. I guess go visit them, which will be a chance of a life time I know, but then I have to fly, yuck. Better start saving now for that trip. The pictures are of Bill and Heather in the morning, not wanting their picture taken. Grandma doing dishes, of course. Gabby and Heather on the swing thing, Gabby said she was never on one of these before. Bill and Heather again with Bill watching football and not looking at the camera. And then there is William my mascot bear that goes on all my long trips with me, he's like my guardian bear.

Still not working, but there have been two kindergarten assistant positions that have come up in the last two days. One is from the school I applied to back in June. I hope they consider me for that one because it is only two minutes from my house as the other one is 25 minutes. Will let you know what happens. I have enjoyed staying home doing nothing, but it is time to get back to reality.

Does anybody know if rabbits eat parsley. I had all my herbs on the deck and my parsley was getting really big. We had been using it all summer. I came home and every single sprig was gone. All that was left was the stems. I can't figure out how the rabbit would of got into the yard since it is fenced. I know we have one living under Grandma's bedroom window, but how did it get into the yard and get on the deck. Please help me figure this out.

They gonna start building a house across the street soon. A big bulldozer is there and they just put up an electrical box. There goes our view of the pond. Hope it is a small house.

Gotta go check my garlic in the oven that I am roasting. Will write more later.


Anonymous said...

Rabitts live under ground, so check for mounds in the yard, near Ma's room. Remember this from living in Enfield when I was younger. Had a lot of warrens (rabbit den) in the back yard then.


Patricia said...

finally some new pics!! about time.

i want a rabbit in my backyard.
i think i have moles in my front yard. i keep getting this huge mounds of dirt pilled up like something dug it up but i can never find a hole. weird.

Dody said...

Hey, I don't know you but wanted to say hello. My son trained on the F15E at SJ. AND it is a very cool plane. Our son took us out to the tarmac and we got to get a great view of the plane. When your son-in-law graduates you should plan on being there----what a great day you'll have with up close viewings of the plane and a private airshow. I love the Goldsboro area--the people were very nice. AND my son is now in England and his dad and I are having a really hard time. GET SKYPE to help you thru. But it is fun to visit England but sooo expsensive.
Best of luck to your family as they embark on this wild journey with the AF.
Dody from CA

Anonymous said...

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