Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Turtle sighting!!

Well Theo (dog) has been so depressed since we got here. He started yesterday trying to act like puppy so he would get some attention. There are no lizards in SC to chase, nor are there any trees in our back yard for him to even look for anything. Well this morning when I let him out I looked over the deck and saw a big turtle (sorry forgot to take a picture) and Theo spotted him and started to attack it. He was so excited that there was something in the yard he could play with. But I yelled for Gary and he put it on the other side of the fence. But Theo thought it was the greatest thing, running around like his normal self. When I realized I should of taken a picture to put on my blog, it was too late, it had moved on. I would of too if someone had tried to eat me and pick me up with their teeth. Well today I have to finish painting Gabby's bathroom, yuke, I hate painting. But it already has one coat and has to get finished. It was suppose to be her project but I guess it's not her cup of tea either. I'll be back later with pictures, maybe.

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