Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Depressed Theo dog

Okay this is how depressed Theo has been. He has taken to sleeping with a stuff cat. He "hates" cats. He looks so sad doesn't he?


Beth said...

That is precious! Poor dog, maybe you need to get him a playmate? Nice Floors! Send more pictures!!

patricia said...

poor theo, are you giving him attention? maybe you should get him some new toys or something.
im sure he will be happy to see me in a few weeks.

oh there is a turtle that lives by me too in like a ditch. yesterday i went down there and cleaned out all the trash, there were like 10 plastic bags in the water and i didnt want him to get stuck in one and die. i think that the neighbor thought that i was nuts.

Heather J said...

Ha that silly old dog, he misses the lizards. We have so many rabbits here, he would love it. Our side yard is like the bunny trail.

We also have fireflies which I think would drive him nuts!