Monday, June 25, 2007

Cows love water.

Did you know that cows like to swim? Gabby saw the cows across the street yesterday in the pond. I thought he was stuck because he was there for so long but then a little while later he was out. So today I grabbed the camera when they were in there. It must be too hot for them too. This pond is right across the street. You probably can see the house on the hill in the picture. They are the ones that own the cows and all the land. It is so beautiful to look at. The piece of land in front of the pond is for sale, but I hope no one buys it and builds a big house to where I can't see the cows anymore. That would be a shame.

I can't remember if I wrote that I applied for a job at an elementary school right around the corner. Well I have been trying to call to see if they had call for interviews and no one ever answered. So I emailed the principal a few weeks ago and never heard back until today asking me if I would like to interview for a Kindergarten assistant. I am so excited. So think happy thoughts for me on Wednesday that they like me and hire me. I need to go back to work. I love my husband and mom but being with them 24/7 is starting to get to me, lol.

The other picture is our bird bath that we repainted and put in our front yard. Doesn't it look pretty? I hope the birds like it. It's been fun watching them in the morning on the back porch flying all around. We even had a parakeet fly in the garage last week and stayed for a hour or so. I thought he was hurt but he was just visiting Gary seeing what he as doing.

Took mom to the doctor again today for all her results from her tests. All is fine. They couldn't find anything wrong with her. The doctor told her that she is very healthy but she should start walking a little bit. Basically if you don't use it you will loose it. Which I have been telling her that for a long time. But you can't tell an 83 year old French woman what to do. So we shall see if she starts walking. Doctor said 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening is all she needs to start with.

I'm going to go knit some now. Oh there is another picture of a dishcloth I knitted. I am addicted to these things. If anyone wants any just let me know. They are fun, easy and fast to make.


patricia said...

for some reason i cant see your cow picture. the birdbath looks good.

oh and i want some dishclothes like that. that one looks like it has a different pattern. maybe orange or red or green or something cool. :-)
oh good luck with the interview. i know that you will get it.

beth said...

Love the cow pictures! Have you tipped any yet? Good luck with the interview and KINDERGARDENERS! Remember...CHAZ, CHRISTOPHER, ELIJAH!!!