Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Think happy thoughts!!

Okay start thinking happy thoughts that I get the kindergarten assistant job. I just came back from there. What a school. It is hugh, twice as big as Cross Bayou. Of course their interviews are exactly the same a we did ours, with a panel of five people asking you questions. But their kindergarten assistant actually help teach the kids. While the real teacher is doing reading then the assistant is doing math or something else with a small group of kids. They ask me if I had a problem being with the kids in the cafeteria. I laughed, how funny was that to ask me about the cafeteria. They don't even have cafeteria assistants. We will see. The best part is that the school is actually only 2 minutes (exactly 2 minutes) from my house. No stop lights or anything. I hope I get it. They have a few other people interviewing and will be in touch the beginning of next week. So think positive thoughts that I get it.
Saturday Gary and I found a place that makes area rugs. They were open to the public so we went and found one for the living room. With the wood floors it really echoed in there. So the day we got it I gave all the dogs a bath and Presely went crazy on it afterwards. Hope this little video comes through, it's only a minute long, but it is cute and shows you my new rug.

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Patricia said...

too cute, Presley is soo funny! I need to get Oscar and Chipper a rug, the only rug that they have are the ones in the bathrooms. You can tell that they miss it.
Thats a nice rug, was it expensive?
miss you