Friday, June 29, 2007

Blackberries & Raspberries today!

There is a farm down the road that grows all kinds of berries. Right now it is blackberries and raspberries season. It was suppose to be blueberries too but I guess the weather got the best of them. Gabby, my next door neighbor, Fayellen (one word as she says to say her name)and me went picking today. It was fun, but hot. We went real early like 8:30. Good thing we did because the owner said when we were checking out that she had to start sending people away. There were these cute British ladies there talking to Gabby and one of them showed us a snake in the Raspberries. That's all Gabby had to see to quit picking. I also bought some homemade strawberry ice cream that they made. It was strawberry season when we got here in May so we missed out on it this year.

Gabby frowning because of the bugs, the snake, and her failed attempt to pick raspberries. & Obviously, the snake. That snake didn't even move an inch when I flashed the camera in his face. Ooo, he was creepy! yikes!


Patricia said...

I want to pick some rasberries when I come up know you should make one of Ina's fruit tarts with those berries.

iseeunow said...

ohh that looks like fun...I picked raspberries when i was little in Michigan on vacation...It was fun picking them its just too bad I don't like fresh raspberries much-too many seeds. Neato-o

iseeunow said...

ooopps I meant Neato- not neato-o.. :o)

Anonymous said... should make Giada's Raspberry Smoothie, she makes it with fresh raspberries and gelato (italian ice cream)! Yummy...That looks like fun minus the snake.

Patricia said...

mmm Giada's raspberry smoothie sounds even better.
let me know what you make!