Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bang, bang and more bangs!

Gary hates it when Gabby is right. Little update. We had hardwood floors put in our house downstairs. We knew we needed to do something upstairs in Gabby's room. She wanted wood but Gary said maybe vinyl with the puppy. Well vinyl was more expensive then wood so we decided to put wood in her room now. Should of done it all at once. So today is a day of banging upstairs. Gabby has taken to Grandma's room to try and sleep.

So it will be a day of banging and getting one step closer to getting Gabby in her own bedroom. She has been sleeping in the guest bedroom and her stuff has been scattered all over upstairs. The top picture is the before and hopefully in a few days I will have a picture of shiny new wood floors.


Heather J said...

Hey mom, sounds like fun! I am glad that we didn't have to do any repairs to our house. I am sure it is going to look really good when it is done though. Can't wait to see it in person.

Love ya!

Heather J

Patricia said...

cant wait to see the finished product.
im sure it will turn out really nice.