Monday, July 23, 2007

Little patter of little feet.

Well not really. My niece and her two kids came in today from Connecticut to visit. This is the first time for all of us to met her 7 year old daughter, Sierra. Here is a picture of her and Gabby playing the slot machine upstairs in the game room.

Well I went to the quilt shop the other night. I felt a little uncomfortable at first when I went in. I couldn't find the owner who invited me and then when I did everything was fine. I sat with the lady that was doing a demo. Wait til you see these bowls and purses I start making. They are so cool. She was such a hoot too. Very funny instructor. And then the lady who is opening the new yarn store upstairs sat with me. She showed us a lot of the yarns she will be carrying. She had this wonderful red purse/bag that reminded me of Mary Poppins bag. She just kept pulling different yarns out of it. It was a purse you would carry your knitting in. Very stylish. I might have to save for one. It was a little expensive at $89. But very pretty. Then later on I talk with the owner again and she wanted to see my bears. Well all I had with me was a few of the first bears I ever made. All my bears I either sell or give away. I was a little embarrassed to show them. But she is anxious to sit and talk with me about teaching classes. So that was exciting. I guess I better put my knitting of dishcloths down and start making some bears. I hope I remember how.

We are having lasagna for dinner tonight. Hope it is good, I made Sandi Banks (from the school that I worked at) recipe. It was always delicious when she made it for us. I hope I did good. Will let you know.


Anonymous said...

Where is Nicky? Put more pictures of them on here. How was your supper


Anonymous said...

Hey Deb, How was the Lasangna. I'll tell Sandi. David is coming to Cross Bayou. I told you Kathy left us. And Michelle Baxter is waiting to here about her job. They put a freeze on hiring. No A.P. till after school starts. Miss you but enjoy your days of having fun. Did you find a job yet. How about those goats. You thought a birds Poop was yucky . Be careful when you go under your trees. I am still a little sad, looking forward to going back to school. August 6th. Say hi to all. Luv ya Denise B

Patricia said...

I cant see her face? ha. we need a better picture.

oh did you plan out the menu for when I come?