Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another did you know...

Did you know that goats can climb trees. Well we saw them yesterday when we stop at this little restaurant. They were across the street. They were so cute and I think they were hungry. We have been wanting to go to this place called "Grits & Groceries" in Sailors Crossing. It is on the way to our friends Eddie's house. This is the place we were considering buying 11 years ago when we first moved up here. But at the time there was a real redneck living across the street that Gary didn't feel too comfortable about leaving me home with the baby alone when he had to go to work. And when we were looking for a house this time it was for sale again. But this time Gary didn't want to because there is really nothing near it. But they are doing a great business there. Who would of thought. Both owners worked for Emeril in New Orleans. I showed the waitress the pictures I had of Gabby when she was a baby inside this building. They gave you a lot of food for the money. It was great.

This is the place to start a business if you have the money. I went to find the local quilt shop yesterday. The lady there is from Deland, FL. Been here three years. When she got here she went to this bead store and asked if there was a quilt shop around. They said "no" and why don't you open one. Then the owner of the bead shop starting taking names of people who wanted to see a quilt shop come to town and then gave it to this lady and so she thought about it and finally opened one. She is the sweetest lady and her name is Debbie too. She invited me to their "girls night" out at the quilt shop tonight, where you bring a covered dish and sew until the wee hours. So I think I am going to go. She was even talking about ordering "mohair" for making bears and that just started us talking more and now she wants to see my bears and maybe have me teach some classes. We shall see. And the best part of this shop is that up stairs another lady is opening a yarn shop. Next week. I am so excited I can't stand it. Well I started writing this post last night before "Big Brother" came one (hurray Joe is off the show, he was a weirdo) and forgot it was still here. I needed Gabby to upload the pictures. Well any way I have got to get into the garage and find a missing metal tin with all my bead stuff. It's driving me crazy not being able to find it. Til later. Oh I keep forgetting to tell you, if you can't see the pictures I put on here that well double click on them and they will get real big so you can see them. I off to hunt for my stuff now.


Anonymous said...

I knew it would not take you long to find a shop like this.


Patricia said...

hopefully you will have fun at your quilt party.
why dont you think about opening up a tea shop/place to sell all the stuff that you make. im sure it would do good up there.
oh yea im not going to lose my job!! wahoo.

iseeunow said...

Dear Ms Debbie, your daughter has stolen my idea & passed it on to you & I sent her a link & everything for the tea shops! What highway robbery!