Tuesday, November 4, 2008


so my dear friend Lori can up from Florida this past weekend and I was able to spend Friday with her. It was so good seeing her. Here she is in Hobby Lobby (which she had never been in one before) trying on a big velvet Christmas bow. It is so her. It felt like old times being together.

Here were the pumpkins Gabby and I made for Halloween. They came out really good. Her friend Tyler came over and they smashed them in the street today. Gary was mad I let them do that but hey they are kids and Gabby really wanted to do it, plus they cleaned up their mess after. And they had fun making a video doing it.


Patricia said...

Lori is soo funny! She just loves red doesn't she. I think she would get along good with the lady who has the Daisy Cottage blog. You can find her link on my site, I believe that she lives in Florida too.

OH and the cheshire cat pumpkin came out really good and the flag one. Very creative!!

Diane said...

pumpkins look good. has Lori lost weight, she looks good.