Monday, October 27, 2008


stands for Southeastern Animal Fiber Festival in Flecher, NC. That's where I was this weekend. I went with Margaret from Yes Yarn to help her out with her table. We had so much time. And froze our little butts off. Our booth was in the Sales Arena which was actually in a barn. But I wouldn't really call it a barn because I thought barns had walls. The building where we were in only had half walls. Friday was raining and winding and so cold. But I was surprised that people actually came outside to see us. The next two days were cold but not raining and the sun came out later in the afternoon. Here was how we set up the table.

There were Angora bunnies right across from us. I called home to see if I could bring one home but Gary said "no". Party booper.

Margaret really wanted one, and her husband said "Please, no". At lease he said please. And then there was llama's. Only cost $800. or two for $1,500. What a deal. I defiantely couldn't bring one of these home. But just think of all the wonderful wool we could have.

There were wonderful ladies that had a booth next to us that we met. Pam and Margie. We went to Carrabba's for dinner Saturday night with them. I had just talk to Heather while we were waiting for dinner and she said that the mussels were the best there. So I told Pam and Margie and that is what they got. Oh my, I couldn't believe how many they got. Margie was playing a game with the shells and seeing how high she could get them.

Our waiter, Kevin, had fun taking them away.

Well we had a great weekend. I am really glad Margaret asked me to go with her. Can't wait for our next adventure.


Anonymous said...

Can we say... ALPACAS.COM... but a Lama, that is hilarious. We joke about moving to Montana and having a alpaca farm, then reality sets in!

Cheryl Jowers

Patricia said...

I love the granny square afghan, who made that?

Oh and you should make dad get you a Lama. He would probably like it and it would give him something to do!!!