Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

Wow that year went by fast. 2010 will be a very busy year for our family. My oldest daughter, Patricia, baby is due May 11th and we found out on Christmas Eve that our middle daughter, Heather, is expecting too and is due July 31st. She doesn't really want us telling anyone until she hears the baby's heart beat but I am going to be a grandma (Dedee) two times this year and I can not keep quite about it. (sorry Heather :-) Not quit sure how I am going to handle all this excitement, all I seem to do now when I think about them is get teary eyed. It just seems like yesterday when I was giving birth to them. I remember everything about the deliveries. My oldest daughter, Patricia, called today to ask me what to do about leg cramps because she was getting them quite often. I can still remember being pregnant with her and laying in bed when we lived on St. Pete Beach and waking up in the middle of the night with terrible leg cramps, or charlie horses, as Gary calls them. I can still remember that pain. It just comes on you and you want to scream. I sure wish they both lived closer now that they are pregnant. I never dreamed I would live in a different state then my girls.

Then there is Gabby, my youngest, who is driving already. How the heck did that happen. It was just yesterday I was giving birth to her and Patricia and Heather were right there in the hospital ready to hold her right after she was born. It just blows my mind how fast time flys by.

So here it is 2010, a new chapter in my life, with very exciting things happening this year. I will try and be a better blogger to let you all know whats happening.

May you "Live...simply, Laugh...often, and Love...deeply" in 2010. I love you Patricia, Heather and Gabrielle. Thank you for giving me such joy in my are all mom's favorite!


James29621 said...

Awe-I got teary eyed reading this!!!

Little Love Things said...

yeah I know me too. Thanks Mom love you!!

Anonymous said...

for you and Gary. I know you have waited for this and it will be so awesome! What an amazing Christmas this was for your whole family!