Thursday, January 17, 2008

Houston we have SNOW..... snowed last was so cool. Here's pictures of Gabby and me last night. Gabby's mad because she doesn't have school today. She is such a weird kid. She is the only kid I know who is mad about missing school. She sure doesn't take after her siblings. We only got about an inch or two but it was fun. It is still on the ground right now but it started raining and it's getting slushy. Poor Gary is down in Florida and didn't get to see it.

The picture of Gabby making a snow angel on the deck is such a hoot. She was freezing afterwards. We even had a snow ball fight. And Gabby made snow cream to eat. She tried to go out this morning and make a snowman but it was too slushy.

I love white green acreas!!!!


Anonymous said...

you guys are crazy don't miss that mess. I will put up with the heat and the rain


Patricia said...

so did the snow stick to the ground today or just turn into slush? are you suppose to have more snow?
I miss you guys. Can't wait to see you on spring break, oh and if you or grandma have any yarn you don't want... you know who to think of.

love you

hakucho said...

Did you visit my blog today and leave a comment wondering about the dishcloth pattern? If it is you, the pattern is called "Corner to Corner" which I found in "Kitchen Kolors", a Lily booklet. Basically it's grandmother's favorite minus the YO's. I'm a Debbie, too, by the way :)

I'll try and send you more snow your way...we've had more than enough here!

Margaret said...

These pictures are great! and glad to see Evelyn...

Krystyn said...

You write very well.