Sunday, January 13, 2008

Did you know...

that Audrey Hepburn had a Yorkied too. Gabby found another Audrey picture at Target today. Then when we went to Publix's she found this magazine that was all about Audrey Hepburn. The weirdest thing I think is that Audrey died the year Gabby was born, and that Gabby is obsessed with her. I told Gabby all she needs now is a little black dress.

But we have the cutest Yorkie ever. He loves the sun, especially when we open the front door and he either lays right by it or on the stairs. Or in his bed in Gabby's room.

Gary left for Florida today for a few weeks. He has things to change with the business. Yikes!! Anyway he left at 10:15 and didn't call until 12:45 saying that his flight just landed. He was suppose to get in at 11:30 but I guess there was bad weather and they had to circle over Tallahassee for a long time and then the pilot said if they didn't land soon they might have to land in Orlando because they were running out of fuel. Gary's said his stomach was doing alot of jumping around like the plane was. We took this picture this morning of us and put in his luggage. Won't he be surprised.
And gotta love going to the airport because then we can get Starbuck's. Yummy, love their pound cake. Hopefully one will come to Anderson soon. And an Enstein Bagel, Chipotle would be nice.

Weather has been pretty nice this past week. Just starting to get a little cooler today. But here is a picture of our birdbath when the weather was freezing. It has Gary kind of curious as to how the water froze like it did. How did it form an icicle? Baffling to us since there is no pump in it.

Well hope everyone's New Year is starting off great. I worked all last week at the yarn shop while the owner, Margaret went to her first trade show in California. Hope she found some neat stuff for the shop. It was so much fun, but I am tired now, not use to working until 5:30. Haven't done that since I worked at the bank. And then having to drive home in the dark here. My eye's aren't that good anymore. It's a bitch getting older.

Missing everyone who is not up here terribly. Especially my girls. Darn Heather's wedding song. Get's me crying everytime I hear it. I now have it on my new cell phone as her ring. Did I tell you that they are moving to Idaho. Home of the potato. That's going to be a long drive. Or a lot of alcohol before I get on a plane. haha

Well...till next time... don't forget to live, love and laugh everyday. (OMG, Target has the cutest frames with this saying on it, almost got them today, but they didn't have all the same color in all three frames, maybe they will get more, I hope, I want the brown ones)


Anonymous said...

Such cute pictures! Wish you guys would come down with Gary...Fcat is coming up soon??? Don't work too hard, we all miss you very much!

Kelly said...

I saw the big pictures at target, they had about 3 and I thought of gabby when I saw them. Did she get them all yet?