Wednesday, August 12, 2009

June, July and everything in between....

I can't believe it is August already. I guess it has been awhile since I have posted anything. I guess not much going on except the garden growing this summer. And summer is almost over. School starts Tuesday for Gabby. I know it was a boring summer for her, sorry Gabby. Hope school this year will be a great Sophomore year for her.

I never did show any pictures of the garden growing. Sorry, don't know what the heck I was thinking. We had tons of tomatoes this year, green beans, cucumbers and carrots. Hardly any squash, stupid bugs got them this year no matter how much I sprayed. Now I need to plan on some veggies to plant for Fall.

So like I said it has been pretty boring around here. Even the dogs are so bored they are trying to get Gary's attention at the same time. Theo has to sit on his lap and Presley can't stand it so he sits on top of the end table. Gotta love our dogs, they are so goofy.

So now that the summer is almost over I need to figure out what to do about making some money. Not sure what I want to do. Well I do, I want to do the fabric thing, but afraid to spend the money to start it up. But hopefully something will happen soon. Until then I just keep trying to finish somethings I have started. Pulled out a quilt that I bought the fabric over ten years ago. That's pretty bad. I will probably finish it and give to someone as a Christmas present. Just need the motivation. But the top is almost done so I should be able to do it.

Well until next posting, I hope everyone out there is doing well. Hopefully I won't take months before I post again.


Patricia said...

yeah months is a long time between posts. Summer, I don't even get a summer.

Diane said...

I give anything to be back in school to have a boring summer. Don't remember having a boring summer back then either.