Tuesday, September 23, 2008

28 years ago today I know what I was doing...........





Today is my oldest daughter, Patricia's birthday. She is 28 years old. Boy do I feel old. Hope you have a nice birthday bestest daughter in the whole wide world.

We love you and wish we could be together for your special day.


Gabby said...

you didn't post anything when it was my birthday.
thanks a lot.

Gabby said...

and by the way, stop posting so many periods on your blog topics, it's annoying.


Patricia said...

Thanks Mom!! I love and miss you guys too. Birthdays aren't the same without my family around.

2nd "best" daughter said...

Don't worry Gabby nothing was posted for me either! Guess you have to be the "bestest daughter" to get on the blog! Let's say it together "whatever!"

Tom said...

Happy Birthday Patricia. Wow! 28 years old. I can't remember back that far. Hope you had a great day.

Uncle Tom